If You Cannot Go On The Plane Can You Eat The Food Of The Plane

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If You Cannot Go On The Plane Can You Eat The Food Of The Plane


Finland Airlines Finnair has chosen to sell food found in its planes in markets. This choice has been taken remembering the interests of the workers more than the travelers.


Finland Airlines

Finland Airlines


Individuals will presently have the option to purchase Finnair’s business class food in the nation’s stores. Aircrafts trust that it will be alluring to the individuals who can’t go via plane during the pandemic. Likewise, in this way it is being guaranteed that positions of providing food staff don’t disappear. Individuals will have the option to purchase a bundle for 10 Euros under the name “Trial of Finnair”.


Trial of Finnair


Marika Nieminen of Finnair Kitchen said about this, “Since the limitations on movement are set up, we need to allow individuals to feel the advantage of Finnair directly from home. When most representatives of Finnair Kitchen Has been terminated, we can at any rate keep every one of our culinary specialists occupied in this work. Under this new examination we can get our representatives to work. “


Marika Nieminen of Finnair Kitchen

Marika Nieminen of Finnair Kitchen


Benefit from work from home


The Corona plague has made positions for 7,000 individuals in Finnair. In September this year, contrasted with September a year ago, flights flew by 91 percent. As of now, 60% of the working individuals of the nation are telecommuting. In western nations individuals frequently have a propensity for eating food in office containers. Individuals think that its upsetting to work and prepare food while sitting at home. In such a circumstance, Finnair trusts that individuals will get a kick out of the chance to purchase a 10 euro food parcel and they will likewise feel the business class of the aircraft at home.


food parcel in the airline


It will begin from a store in the capital Helsinki and afterward in the event that individuals show enthusiasm for it, at that point it will be sold in stores the nation over. Kymo Sivonen, head supervisor at K-Citimarket, the principal store, says, “I think nowadays everybody is feeling the loss of their air trips.


Kymo Sivonen, head supervisor at K-Citimarket


We will have the option to address their issues somewhat now.” Sivonen told that this food will have less salt and flavors than the one found on the plane. In reality, the taste cells are less dynamic at the stature. In this manner, salt and flavors are included to the food accessible the plane.


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Sivonen told that this food will have less salt and flavors than the one found on the plane.


Singapore airline idea


While Finnair is intending to convey food to the store, Singapore Airlines has chosen to take care of individuals by flying on the plane itself. Individuals can purchase nourishment for $ 470 on the planet’s biggest traveler airplane A380 and come to eat. Where individuals used to re-visitation of Singapore from India in such a ticket, this ticket is just for food and interestingly, these tickets have likewise been sold active.


Singapore airline idea


On October 24 and 25, individuals will get this opportunity at Singapore’s Changi Airport. On Monday, when the ticket counter opened on the Internet, inside 900 hours, every one of the 900 tickets were sold.


Singapore's Changi Airport

Singapore’s Changi Airport


Top notch four course miles will be accessible for $ 470, however on the off chance that you would prefer not to go through such a lot of cash, at that point you can likewise take economy class full miles for $ 53. In this two layer airplane, individuals will be left with one seat so social removing can likewise be dealt with.


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