Gus Malzahn Fired as Auburn Tiger Football Coach

Gus Malzahn Fired as Auburn Tiger Football Coach

All right y’all breaking news out of Auburn Alabama and that is that man Gus Malzahn being fired like some people are gonna say finally here’s my thing with Gus Malzahn. I think Gus Malzahn is one of the upper echelons of coaches in the entire country. 

I just think that his time at Auburn had kind of worn itself out and I thought he should have gone out last year this is something I expressed multiple live streams after they beat Alabama last year. I thought it was in his best interest to go ahead and leave on a high note maybe take that Arkansas job that he was rumored to be up for and go from there. 

Now if you look at it right hindsight I don’t like to do the hindsight stuff man. It would have been pretty nice for him to land that Arkansas which doesn’t have that bad a roster as we’ve seen with a guy like Sam Pittman and of course Gus Malzon is a better coach or at least a more experienced coach a more productive and more accomplished coach than a Sam Pittman.

He would have been back in his neck of the woods would have had a lot of home-state support and everything like that sometimes you’re defined by the moves that you don’t make. If you get what I’m saying from there so uh I don’t like to talk about other people’s money but the buyout is definitely significant there. 

What is Auburn’s standpoint?

So from Auburn’s standpoint, I don’t know what type of money they have to go out and get a big-name coach. Now everybody’s to speculate a guy like Hugh Freeze to me Hugh Freeze and Gus Malzahn are very similar to me. 

They’re very similar although, high freeze’s style and everything like that is a little bit more predicated on what people are doing today I’m just talking about as far as just being offensive guys like. If you’re Gus Malzon you start bringing in guys like chad morris from the outside to tweak or run your offense then you know that your next step was out the door because you’re supposed to be that guy. 

So it’s not like he’s some type of defensive genius or anything like that. So, you could pretty much see this coming that’s what I always see when you see somebody needing help on their side of the ball they’re in trouble. So Gus Malzahn should have thought about that but sometimes right you just keep going back to the same. 

Uh, the same wife or husband the same spouse, and hoping that things will change but the fan base had worn had grown weary of Gus Malzahn and he’s pretty much trashed no matter what he did. He’s one of these only cats you know that every two or three years he was going to be Alabama and there’s a lot of teams out there that can’t say that at all he was very competitive with Alabama and in certain instances beat them of course. 

And um he has some [ __ ] in his resume man. So, I would think a guy like that would be able to land on his feet. Somewhere you just never know who’s out there or what’s out there. Um but maybe some of these guys are now going to get some of these up-and-coming coaches. 

They’re being a little bit cheaper. So you don’t know how that plays itself out there. Um, man if I’m Auburn though [ __ ] I want to see if Mario crystal ball would like to come back to this neck of the woods with the way he recruits. I know he’s got a great thing going out there in Oregon and to me, that’s a lateral move at best. 

But to me, it would only be an upgrade. If maybe he just wants to live closer to where he’s naturally from obviously, he’s from Florida Miami Florida. And uh he will be able to recruit my recruit Miami very seriously be able to recruit the state of Florida which Auburn does already be able to bounce into Georgia. Uh, south Carolina Alabama and different places like that I would definitely see. 

If he’s interested in his standpoint I don’t know it would just be a logistical thing because Oregon is definitely a better program than Auburn right now. But they offer a lot of the same things Auburn at one particular point in time reminded me of an Oregon, as a matter of fact, they’re in the national championship game together as an opponent.

So imagine that so I would put in a call to him. Uh, Hugh Freeze naturally of course everybody’s going to talk about there. I have some other guys. I wouldn’t want to get this out there and we can start banning about names a little bit later I’m really interested in me this is one of these jobs where if the right person comes into it. Man, they can make some noise at Auburn. I really do believe that so y’all let me know what you think about that. This is um I would say man it’s almost not expected. It’s almost not expected even though I’m not surprised but I don’t know just I don’t know it’s kind of weird man. 

This is a weird year. Obviously, but got some amazon no longer at Auburn. Let me know what you think all right peace.

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